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Working while at the RAV

I know a few residents here are expert at this, but a couple of (mostly theoretical) questions came to me while bored out of my skull in the Doctors waiting room today:

Firstly, I know you can declare that you did a days paid work and skip 1 day of RAV payment/ obligation to go on courses etc... is there any repercussion as to what you were paid??? For example, if I picked up a 1 off consultancy fee for a days work that was the equivalent of what I'd earn on the RAV for the month, are they going to refuse payment? I'd imagine so.... (obvious question is why I'd continue to take the RAV if I could do that, but if it was a one-off thing for example...)

Secondly, how long to you need to be back in work to replenish the 400 day allowance?

Finally, aren't there occasions where you get more that 400 days (father of 3 here... hoping the kids might actually prove profitable if only briefly! ;-) )

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