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I know how you feel. I've been looking for a flat, any flat! and I'm always amazed that the flat is gone or there are already 20 people who have applied one day after the ad is up. In my case I know it's because I've been looking at lower price ranges. I've had to up my price to get an apartment and I KNOW I'm paying too much for it. Sigh.

My only suggestion for you is for you to stress the fact that you have a child in the school district you are looking in. I lost an apartment just for that reason. It was out in a village, but still, the management company told me they choose the family with the child at the near by school so that the child could stay in school.

If you are not stressing that point already, start doing so.

Recommendation letters? Really? Is that needed? Are you maybe giving them too much paper work?

Anyway, if you do need letters of recommendation ask them not to be dated or use the same ones. You don't need a new one for every application.
Thank you very, very much for your comment. I am truly sorry you were rejected because a family requested it.. It is also unfair and puts single individuals in a bad position.

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My hearts goes out to you and I send you a lot of positive energy in your search.
1) As amogles has pointed out make effort to chat with the land lord . Maybe you are not chatting enough. We had this problem. I realized my quiet husband was not impressing anyone with just simple handshake and then he would just look around the place.
When we went as a family, I made a lot if effort to chat. Even now the landlord calls on my mobile to discuss apartment related stuff..our landlord(s) are a couple ..mostly the lady calls me.

2) if possible while applying write a letter on how you and your daughter would be delighted to stay in the said appartment .

3) include a pic of you and your daughter ... As one of my friend did . They did not get the same apartment , but they were contacted first when another one became available.

4) you can put a wanted apartment notice at the local shopping center. We have one at COOP near my apartment and I keep seeing lot of such wanted and to let adverts.

All the best !!!
Thank you a lot Litz for your comment. I will, i will put the effort to chat more and to try to impress them during the visit and will check the boards of the shoping centers, i have never noticed them actually..

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