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There is a will, there is a way! Fight for you and your daughter for a better life!

I myself experienced a similar situation. Before our move to Zug, we had applied many flats for over a year. We started as soon as we knew that I was pregnant and we lived in a 2.5 rooms flat so there was a need for a bigger flat. We had a dog n a few cats and we only applied for flats that allowed pets.

Although they said all pets friendly but it turned out every single flat we applied, they rejected us, it is hard not to think that the rejection was due to our dog. So I had to make a decision between my 10yo dog which I raised since puppy and my unborn baby. Sadly I was forced to make such hard decision and as soon as we declared on the application that we don't have a dog, we got a flat!!!! I was happy but also mad! And the most ironic thing is, there are many dogs in my building!!!! I can't tell you how bad I feel when I had to give up my dog for my baby and I always feel some sort of regrets towards him. And I know I won't have a dog again after this.

So don't give up, I thought it was personal too and felt hopeless after over of a year on trying, but sometimes it is just unlucky as well. Look for family /kids friendly area, it might be easier for you to get the flat! Good luck!
I'm not sure how you make a comparison, but I can tell you that finding and apartment with a dog is not a prohibiting factor ... if you look in the right places. Do we live back in Zug again YES, do we have a dog No we have 3. We have applied for 4 apartment in total in 6 years (can't count the company apartment) and we and our dogs have been happy in 3 of them. So a poor dog get the dunt because of him (you say), not maybe the "few cats" contributed, or the area you were looking and the suitability for your menagerie. We looked at an apartment in Baar that accepted pets, but would not take anymore dogs as they felt that there were enough in the building, so we jogged on, dumping the dogs never crossed our minds.
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