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There is a will, there is a way! Fight for you and your daughter for a better life!

I myself experienced a similar situation. Before our move to Zug, we had applied many flats for over a year. We started as soon as we knew that I was pregnant and we lived in a 2.5 rooms flat so there was a need for a bigger flat. We had a dog n a few cats and we only applied for flats that allowed pets.

Although they said all pets friendly but it turned out every single flat we applied, they rejected us, it is hard not to think that the rejection was due to our dog. So I had to make a decision between my 10yo dog which I raised since puppy and my unborn baby. Sadly I was forced to make such hard decision and as soon as we declared on the application that we don't have a dog, we got a flat!!!! I was happy but also mad! And the most ironic thing is, there are many dogs in my building!!!! I can't tell you how bad I feel when I had to give up my dog for my baby and I always feel some sort of regrets towards him. And I know I won't have a dog again after this.

So don't give up, I thought it was personal too and felt hopeless after over of a year on trying, but sometimes it is just unlucky as well. Look for family /kids friendly area, it might be easier for you to get the flat! Good luck!
If one wants to take their pets into a new apartment, I'd recommend calling (not e-mailing, that's too impersonal) the agency as soon as you see the ad and mentioning which animals you plan to keep in the new apartment while you ask for a date for the viewing. That way you can get info regarding the viewing and get to know if prospective agencies/landlords are appreciative of your pets.

E.g. say "I saw your ad for apartment so and so in so and so, I'm very interested in viewing it. As I have [number of] [type of pet] and they are [positive attribute about your pet], I also wanted to inquire if you'd permit them in your flat."
Once you get the answer, you can then decide if you're still interested in the flat and if you would even bother going to a viewing. That way you won't waste your time on a viewing/get your hopes up about getting a flat only to find out later that the landlord/agency don't want your pet in their flat.

It can also be very helpful to mention that you are willing to sign something like the appendix to rental contracts for residential properties regarding pets from IEMT if the agency/landlord requests it.

Of course, not mentioning pets until you receive the application form is also an option, but if you want less hassle it is better to mention pets from the get-go.

Also know that this (mentioning pets) is only necessary for those pets which can't be kept without the landlord's/agency's permission. I.e. you don't need to mention guinea pigs, hamsters, ornamental fish, birds etc. See the list of these pets in the link I posted above under no. 1.

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