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Why are people taking this so personal? I don't get it. I would never assume it's because of me as a person if I don't get an apartment in the center of e.g. Zurich. Chances I get it are likely close to zero to begin with, even as a supposedly 'ideal' candidate (whatever that means). So keep trying, something will turn up, and by all means, there's a world outside the center of Lucerne - expand your scope. Or if that's not an option, be fine with what you have, and take the occasional look on what's available out there.
The reasons for people to take this personally can be really complex - depending on how much time one has to search for flats (e.g. due to job stress), how tight one's income is (having to get into a cheaper flat because the current one has become too expensive), how the personal circumstances of the searcher are (perhaps they have an ailing family member or friend they need to be close to, their pets need quick rehoming because their current neighbors are kicking up a fuss, their kids are being placed in a school in a different district for whichever reasons), it can be very hard to not be disappointed when one gets turned down for a flat. "Something will turn up" - despite being well intentioned - sometimes just isn't enough to stay motivated, but receiving practical help (e.g. friends helping with the search, advice on how to act during viewings, help writing letters) can be more helpful. It all depends on the apartment hunter in question - one size definitely doesn't fit all here.
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