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Re: Giving up..

I know it's easier said than done, but good on you for not being a quitter!!!

An idea for future applications:

Scan all your documents (Betreibungsregisterauszug, permit etc.) as single documents and write a template motivation letter for an apartment in such a way that when an ad comes up, all you have to do is fill in the info which is specific to the apartment (e.g. number of rooms, apartment location, special things about the apartment like balcony etc.)


"Application for [number]-room apartment in [location]

Dear [name of agent]

I am applying for the [number of rooms]-room apartment in [location] because my daughter [name] and I ([age, profession, non-smoker, type of permit]) are looking for an apartment due to [reason].
The viewing today [date of viewing] with [name of tenant/agent present at viewing] convinced me that your apartment suits us perfectly because [school district, nice balcony, nice view, suitable public transport stops etc.].

I am a [insert positive thing about you] person and my daughter is a [insert positive thing about her] child. You are welcome to contact [your employer] and [your last landlord] for references under [phone number/e-mail].
I am confident I and my daughter would be a good fit for your flat in [location].

Therefore I would be ever so glad if you were to consider us for your flat. I hope to hear from you soon.

[your name]"

When an ad comes up, call agencies (if late in the evening, e-mail immediately) and ask for a viewing at the next possible date.
Go to the viewing in nice clothes and in a good mood. Take notes of what you like best in the apartment (e.g. floor in living room, sunny balcony, pet-friendliness etc.), ask some questions (e.g. how many months deposit does the landlord require, are there kids in the building etc.) get the present tenant's/agent's name (make sure you get the correct spelling, business card if possible) and contact details and the Anmeldeformular (form which agencies supply to find out more about prospective tenants), and head home.

Now you have to be quick because whoever is quicker and makes the better impression gets the apartment.
Go straight to your motivation letter and enter the info corresponding to the flat in question in the motivation letter [nice balcony, number of rooms etc.]. Make several copies of the blank (!) Anmeldeformular (you won't want crossings-out/errors on it) and fill in the requested information. Scan the nicest written form. Save all documents (Motivation letter first, agency's form second, Betreibungsauszug third and so forth) as a single PDF document.

E-mail the lot to the agency immediately.

If you'd like a translation of the motivation letter drafted above in German, I'm sure someone on EF can help you or I can do it for you and send you a PM.
Good afternoon Glow and... thank you very, very much to have decided to "glow" in my thread and to take the time to reply, i really appreciate your advice.

I have a presentation letter in english and in french, saying aprox the same. When i present a dossier i have even calculated the order of the documents:

- Anmeldungformular
- Betreibungauszug
- Presentation letter - English and German
- References from my CEO - German
- References from the mother of my daughter's friend - German
- References from my direct supervisor - German
- B Permit copies of my daughter and me
- Spanish passport copies.

I alwazs scan all the documents toghether so that thez can see them in order and have them in a single file, just the way i also like to be sent documents.

I always present the dossier in this order. Maybe i should change it and put the presentation letter first and add to this letter a picture of us both.

When i call the immobilien and speak to the concerned person after seeing the flat and meeting the person, i am under the impression that i am annoying them because they always tell me: We have your documents, we have to considerate other candidates and we will let you know our decision. And then comes the e-mail or the letter returning my documents.

Lately i have to say, it has been very hard for me not to look desperate, i need to control this as they might not like it as well.
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