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Good afternoon Glow and... thank you very, very much to have decided to "glow" in my thread and to take the time to reply, i really appreciate your advice.

I have a presentation letter in english and in french, saying aprox the same. When i present a dossier i have even calculated the order of the documents:

- Anmeldungformular
- Betreibungauszug
- Presentation letter - English and German
- References from my CEO - German
- References from the mother of my daughter's friend - German
- References from my direct supervisor - German
- B Permit copies of my daughter and me
- Spanish passport copies.

I alwazs scan all the documents toghether so that thez can see them in order and have them in a single file, just the way i also like to be sent documents.

I always present the dossier in this order. Maybe i should change it and put the presentation letter first and add to this letter a picture of us both.

When i call the immobilien and speak to the concerned person after seeing the flat and meeting the person, i am under the impression that i am annoying them because they always tell me: We have your documents, we have to considerate other candidates and we will let you know our decision. And then comes the e-mail or the letter returning my documents.

Lately i have to say, it has been very hard for me not to look desperate, i need to control this as they might not like it as well.

I'd put the presentation letter (only German, do you need help with that/are you sure there are no errors in it?) first (with a small, passport-photo sized pic of you and daughter, not a large photo) and the permit right after the Betreibungsregisterauszug, with the passport copies after the permit.
And put the reference from your direct supervisor before the one from your CEO (or get your direct supervisor and CEO to merge their references into one page), and after the one from your CEO put the one from your daughter's friend's mom (although I think this last reference isn't necessary/bordering on going overboard/being pushy). Do you have references from your current landlord/agency and a written statement that you always paid your rent on time? That could be incredibly helpful (especially the reference) as landlords'/agencies' goal is to get the rent for their properties on time without hassle.
In my opinion the most important references are the ones from your direct supervisor and your current landlord/agency.

1. Presentation letter (German only) with small photo of you/daughter in top right corner, not more than one page of text
2. Anmeldeformular
3. Betreibungsregisterauszug
4. Permit
5. Spanish passport
6. Reference from direct supervisor (or combined reference from direct supervisor and CEO on a single page, if possible)
(7. Reference from CEO)
8. Reference from current landlord including mention that you always pay rent on time and that they would recommend you as a tenant

When do you make those calls to the agencies where they say that they have your documents? If you give us a timeline of a past occurrence as an example, we might be able to estimate if you might come across as pushy.

Hope this helps Any further Q's, ask away.

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