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Re: Giving up..

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Please Cascabel, what does this mean? Do you mean you've given notice on your current FLAT, or do you mean you've resigned from your JOB (maybe intending to leave Switzerland)?

Please, please, please, if you haven't already sent off that letter, don't!
If you have already sent it off, my feeling is that you should immediately take whatever steps you can to withdraw it.

Because everything you write tells me that you're exhausted, desperate, frustrated, weepy, a bit angry, probably on a general down trip about being foreign in Switzerland. That happens. And I guess the whole tedious flat-search, as a single mother, is probably making you feel something along the lines of lonely and unwanted.

Of course I don't know you, and can't possibly know if what I'm presuming here is accurate. But since you affirm that what I wrote before is in the general direction of understanding you, I dare to write this: My guess is that you are simply FAR TOO WEARY for taking any serious decision today.

I don't know if it is the job or the flat you mean in your letter as of the 27th February.
  • If you don't have another FLAT to go to, you should not be giving notice on the one you've got.
  • Even if you do have another JOB to go to, you should probably not be resigning the one you have until you've at least had a few nights' sleep.
You're not a quitter, and major changes should be done only when more rested than you feel this evening. Please, try to get some sleep.

Then tomorrow or the next day, you could re-read this thread and pick out any suggestions you haven't yet implemented (e.g. looking on the notice-boards at Coop and Migros, or paying an agent) and whether these could work for you. You might also adapt glowjupiter's draft letter as it applies to you, and if you need something along the lines she suggests, take her up on her very kind offer.

For tonight, though, please try to sleep, (maybe with a hot-waterbottle, or a cuddly blanket) so you can be clearer to take better decisions.

In spite of the fact you've had a really horrible day, I wish you, in as much as possible, a good night.
Dear Doropfiz,

The resignation i printed is for my job.. I thought of leaving my job, the flat and reorganise my life in my country, with my family and friends. Try to get my old job back and fight as i have always done.. I am a bit better today.. Let's see tomorrow..

I have four important pilars in my life and none of them is going well, this is why i am totally destabilized. I have to search the positive things appart from my daughter's stories and smiles to cheer me up.

Thank you, thank you for taking the time to send me these kind words..
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