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Are you registered in any Wohnungsgenossenschaft yet?
I know that in zürich it is possible to be in a genossenschaft even if you're not living in one of their flats but you also get the ads which are often not out in public.
If there is a genossenschaft with appartments in your area, it might be worth becoming a member if that's possible.

In a genossenschaft you also have better chances if you have a child.
Hi! Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.. I had no idea of what this is, i will investigate it but there might be preferences, and swiss go first..

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What others have said about language.

Remember that the landlord may not be good at English. Even if you think he's understanding you perfectly, that feeling may not be mutual. Many Swiss underestimate their own ability to communicate in English and feel vulnerable when they have to speak it. Maybe he's not letting the flat to you because he's concerned misunderstandings and difficulties in communication may arise.

I don't know how good your German is, but if it is at all usable, use it and be confident in it. Don't worry about making mistakes. Most Swiss are extremely tolerant when it comes to that. But what matters is that the landlord sees he can communicate with you if need be and there won't be misunderstandings.
Good afternoon amogles,

I have notions in german but i have to say that not enough to maitain a conversation or to write. It's a shame because i do speak six languages but no german at all. I am learning with my daughter's "homework", some cartoons and a website i have was recommended today.

I try my best though, i always ask them to speak to me in german because i understand most of the times, i reply in english or french and they usually understand me. But yet.. No, i do not speak german.

Jeepers, I think someone got off on the wrong foot here.
I don't think anyone was trying to imply that you abandoned your dog, just that you possibly could've kept him if you'd searched in a slightly different manner/for longer. It is understandable that you want to be supportive of OP by saying that you understand her situation and wish her luck. But the thing is, posters cannot direct where threads head off to, so our replying to the aspect of you not keeping your dog in your post instead of your support of the OP is something you'll have to get used to here. I've had some posts and threads of mine derail too, it's normal.

By the way, using proper English instead of txtspk would really help legibility of your post.

OP, has anything new happened yet? Would you like a translation of the motivation letter?
I really do not know what i should say, because i am unsure of what i could offer you in return, but yes.. i would really appreciate it..

And, do you think that it would be a good idea to make a list of the immobilien in this area and go to see them, present myself and give them a copy of all my documents? If a flat appears they might possibly remember my visit.. What do you think?

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