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In none of the larger cities is it easy to find an apartment, which is why I honestly don't get why people keep insisting on living in the center of pretty much any city in this country. It's not like the places are massive, it would often be SO much easier to just look into one of the suburbs, which really, in Lucerne, are basically right there anway and you don't even realize you're leaving the city. And in no place is the commute from a suburb into the city substantial, often even less. I used to live outside of Zurich and my commute was shorter than that of a colleague who lived in the city, but in another part of town far away from where we worked.

I also think people take a rejection WAY too personal. It's not a job application or job interview (and even there, it's often not personal). I have no idea what an 'ideal tenant' would look like. Affordable apartments in the city center receive 50, 100, 150 and more applications. I'd bet my head it's just a pure coincidence as to who is chosen - those that are absolutely not an option will probably be discarded right away, and then it's a random choice.

Why are people taking this so personal? I don't get it. I would never assume it's because of me as a person if I don't get an apartment in the center of e.g. Zurich. Chances I get it are likely close to zero to begin with, even as a supposedly 'ideal' candidate (whatever that means). So keep trying, something will turn up, and by all means, there's a world outside the center of Lucerne - expand your scope. Or if that's not an option, be fine with what you have, and take the occasional look on what's available out there.
I chose to live in the center of Luzern because of my job. I work from 08.30 to 17.00 and my daughter spends 20 minutes more per day within the Kindergarten and the betreuung. A lot.

The idea of having her spending one more hour, half more in the morning to be able to go to my job, and half more in the evening for me to be able to arrive home was not an option for me. I have to work for living, yes, but i also have to spend time with my daughter.

And Luzern is a nice city but i would prefer to live in Horw or any small village in the suburbs.
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