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I really do not know what i should say, because i am unsure of what i could offer you in return, but yes.. i would really appreciate it..

And, do you think that it would be a good idea to make a list of the immobilien in this area and go to see them, present myself and give them a copy of all my documents? If a flat appears they might possibly remember my visit.. What do you think?
Am I correct to understand that you'd like a translation of my motivation letter written on the previous page or would you like me to correct/check the letter you have already written?

Providing all agencies in your area with your info is good if they appreciate it - so I suggest you make a list, then call the agencies during business hours (morning is better than afternoon, generally speaking) and ask them if you should mail them your info or if you could bring it over in person so that they can put you on their waiting lists. If they give you the choice to come over or e-mail, dress nicely and go visit in person, and remember to say once you arrive that you are learning German.
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