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Re: Birth experience in Swiss hospitals/clinics -advice/tips/stories?

The birthing rooms didnt have much in them other than a bed- where they expect you to lie on to give birth. I asked about other natural options but they weren't very optimistic as they said it depended on what your doctor was open to or not. ie. whether your doctor would let you kneel or squat or do whatever while giving birth -but they said mostly not. The clinique beaulieu did have one birthing room that had a big tub but the midwife who did the tour for us said it had only ever been used for the actual birth by one doctor who was very progressive - otherwise all the other doctors will let you sit in it or something maybe while you are going through labour but expect you to be on the table for the actual pushing and delivery. (Something i totally don't agree with - its only for the convenience of the doctor! it actually makes contractions more painful and can put pressure on your back etc...and can lead to more tearing...but anyway...)

The clinique de Grangettes had an alternative birthing room that had a special swing/seat kind of thing that you could sit in in order to give birth - i sat in it and it was quite comfy, but looked a little awkward and not sure if you would feel like that towards the end...but again, that room would only be available on a first come first serve not sure if it would be available then...

I asked about their policies on eating and drinking and all the cliniques had the same policy that they don't allow you to eat or drink once you have been admitted - and they insert a drip needle straight away as well (without anything attached to it at first) just in case they have to perform an emergency c section or something...but to be honest i think that sucks the most and is one of the main things that turned me off those cliniques...mostly becuase if you go into early labour and you go there fairly will be so hungry and thirsty that that alone will make you weak and much so that you would probably be a lot more likely to end up needing or getting an epidural or having some kind of intervention....
It's amazing to me how different birth is in different parts of the same country! I've had 2 babies in Kanton Zurich one in a private hospital and one in the local regional hospital. Both of them activley encouraged birth to be as natural a process as possible. Both discouraged giving birth on your back and drip needles are only given when needed. The private hspital also had special birthing beds that can move into all sorts of positions to make life easier.
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