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Re: blue&black vs white&gold

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Exactly. My eyes see low-saturated light blue with some equally low-saturated beige and tan stuff on it, a bad photo with very poor white balance. My brain, however, trained by thousands of photos with bad white-balance, almost automatically thinks the dress may be white or -ish, and the reflections tell my brain that the darker parts may be gold; ok, not real gold, because for that the dress looks too cheap, but yaknowaddamean.
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At least we can all agree on one thing: The people who see the dress as white are utterly, completely wrong.

My brain has been trained by thousands of hours of reading the internet to recognise BS

Believe it or not, our eyes are not CCDs connected to a version of Photoshop in our brains. People perceive things differently and there is no right or wrong on this matter, hence why it's called perception. It is a subject that has been studied for a long time.

No one is saying the white is pure white. That's why the picture highlights our differences in perception. I found it fascinating and enlightening to learn how this worked. I can see both cases depending on what I look at before hand. That doesn't make me a super human with a highly trained brain. It probably just means my brain is indecisive.

In the same way, we are not thermometers. Two people can walk into a room, one feels cold, the other warm. Is one of them wrong?
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