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Possibility relocating to Geneva


After a fours year exile it looks like we may be coming back to CH. Very early stages and this time Geneva. Last time my husband was working in Zug and we lived in Kussnacht am Rigi. We have two children aged 11 & 16. My eldest will start her IB's or A levels in August so I am seriously thinking of moving back to the UK (after ten years of being an expat) with the children and my husband living and working in Geneva and traveling back to the UK most weekends. International schools will not be an option for us and previously our children were in local Swiss (German) school. Can anyone offer us any advice?

We moved to CH from Singapore in 2008 and found Switzerland dreadfully expensive yet when we moved back to Singapore in 2011 we were shocked at how expensive Singapore had become. Singapore is now the most expensive city to live in for expats. My questions are:

What sort of budget would we need for an apartment / studio suitable for a single working man, close to city. Office postal code is 1207. Is there a big jump in price for a one bedroom apartment compared to a two bedroom apartment? Wondering whether he would be better off getting a one bed place and then us stay in a hotel when I come over?

Has Switzerland got much more expensive in the last 4 years?

I understand the tax is more expensive in Geneva than in canton Schwyz.

Apart from the obvious (tax, living, flights, medical) what other expenses do I need to consider?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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