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Re: Music classes for kids in ZH or AG

There is a music school East of the US Consulate but I forget the name.

I would suggest very exciting music, like classical music from John Williams or Hanz Zimmer. Its gets kids into instrumentals at a young age. I know that in Australia and the US they have classical music presentations for children which are great because they arent killing the kids with Schastakovich or Mahler. I would guess that they have somthing like that around here, but I would not not where to look.

"classic Fm" out of London used to package a couple CD's for children who wanted to get into classical music.

Then again I dont know if you wanted your child to learn a classical instrument or just guitar lessons?

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I was thinking of something like gymboree in Zurich and they start classes at the age of 6 months already...

Any other suggestions for activities?
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