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Re: Cricket World Cup 2015

it seems that BD supporters are all worked up and dreaming of defeating Ind and then reaching finals to play Aus or SA. Check the video on ESPN website after BD defeated Eng. Hmmmm... I guess most of those guys were not drunk or high on grass (mostly for religious reasons I speculate).
But still this much !!!

Reminds me of the 1999 WC (or was it 1996) when they defeated Pakistan in a inconsequential group game and thought that they are now ready to do an India of 1983 or a SL of 1996 in subsequent tournaments. But close to 20 yrs and the best they can do is whitewash Zim or a weak Kiwi team at home and defeat a top team max once in 5-6 years and lose the remaining times. Staying rooted to ground has helped IR, Afg immensely and BD can take a leaf out of their book.

Just one Shakib cannot bring glory to the team. Look at the indian team of 90's. Just one lone SRT (even of his level of greatness) was never enough. India could do something only when they had a great team (2003, 2011). best example is 2007 when Greg chapel ensured that they were 11 individuals and not a team. the same core guys of 2003 and 2011 hardly made an impact. That's the best bet for a side like BD to do something but this time, Ind is playing as a team. its not just VK+10 or MSD+10. its a team..BD shud pat their backs if then loose by less than 50 runs or if Ind take more than 45 overs to overhaul their total.

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