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Re: British Expats! It's Mother's Day this Sunday 15/3/15

I never understood objections to "commercialism" when it comes to festivals and celebrations.

For one thing, nobody is obliged to buy a card or flowers - nothing is stopping anyone from making a nice crafty present for their mom instead.

Secondly, even if people do want to go down the "Hallmark card and a bunch of flowers" route, an awful lot of ordinary people are benefiting from that: the shop assistants, the warehouse workers, the truckers, the florists...

When I was long-term unemployed (a long, long time ago), I was grateful for the opportunity to work in the run-up to Christmas (actually, the work for the Christmas rush began as early as July - I got quite good at packing "car care gift sets" ). That crass commercial flurry to which people object bought me jeans, shirts and shoes which otherwise I might never have been able to afford.

So go ahead and book your mom a table at a nice restaurant and buy her a box of chocolates. Some poor sod somewhere is relying on that money leaving the cold storage of your bank account and going into his or her pocket.
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