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Re: Recruitment agencies/headhunters

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The above advice is exactly what my wife would say who works in this industry for 20 years. The whole dynamic of the recruiting industry is changing to a lot more direct recruitment from companies rather than agencies, god help you if one of the "spam" agencies gets hold of your resume, you may be ruled out of any chance simply because a "spam" agency has submitted your resume (without informing you) and the company does not want to deal with this agency. Make it absolutely clear to your recruiter that your resume is not to be sent out without contacting you first. If a company has advertised a position and your resume is sent in the company is obliged to deal with that agency so you may get knocked out of the running but may be got the job if you submitted your resume directly, you should also be honest with your recruiter if you want them to work for you in these situations.
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To your point, a lot of companies are doing self-recruiting using the head-hunter approach. They are using so called "Talent Scouts" to serve this goal. The reason relates to decreasing cost of FTE acquisition by bringing this activity internal. The company I work for has moved recruitment internally and don't use recruiters/head-hunters - they build their own network and "talent" database. Although, the talent scouts, serving the company can be part of an RPO or can be internal - irrespective, your dossier will still be 'in the domain' of the company if you submit the dossier.

On poster noted Stamford, they are pretty good and have relationships, know the landscape well - pretty good at following up - in the case of if you're a well-qualified candidate. Positive experiences.

I'm wary of those Robot companies and their database, if they truly have some "right" to your data and your candidacy. Something does not sound legally legitimate in those arrangements. I can't anyone signing away their right of employment by such a technicality.

With that, what are your thoughts on, and how some companies are taking those processes in house? Doesn't the hirer and candidate lose a certain degree of discretion?

The best headhunters I know tend to build long term relationships on both sides. They are interested in end results where both parties are satisfied. I've known them to call back after two years to see if you would like to be placed in a new job.
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