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Re: Recruitment agencies/headhunters

Perhaps someone can give the legal background - but there is no signing of anything - I think its part of accepting terms and conditions of your submission. What you must do, if you don't get the position, is to proactively go the company website - and request your data be deleted (there should be a function). I'm thinking it has to do with data-privacy laws etc.

Regarding Monster or any other job portal - it is part of the mix that HR recruitment and recruiters still use for Talent Search and Acquisition. However, LinkedIn remains a powerful tool they leverage - there are "recruiter" accounts that allow them to do deep searches, network mapping etc. etc. Let say it would be self-defeating not to have a LinkedIn account - its a way of "pre-validating" you.

Just for the record, I'm not a recruitment specialist, just had a lot of experience search and acquiring jobs in CH for my career advancement/management.

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