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Re: Just landed - female Brit

Basel is interesting for the number of magnuminous exhibits and interesting spectaculars. In particular, there is the Schneckenhaus, where all the snails of Switzerland are gathered in one place for your enjoyment. You may pick your favourite and boil it yourself before devouring it with cloves of dill and garlic. Moreover, further to the left of the city, where the river meets the mountain and the greengages gather, you may while away many a happy morning watching the moon rise amongst the brooms and the owls dancing their merry hornpipes - oh, so majestic!

There also, where the sweeps collect their silver salaries, on the corner of Lampenschirmstrasse and Kammgasse, is a world famous dry aquarium, by which one may admire the shrunken dessicated fishes of the world, gaily swimming like olives in the brine. My, for to stand there with a pocketful of snour, whistling for doughnuts like a Frenchman - it's been so long, so long.

I hope very much that you are having so very much of the entertainments in Basel. It is a great city, small but interminable, like a drizzled, but fairly so.

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