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Re: G'day from a Swiss in Australia

Some issues you will want to consider:

* Not having an employer to do all the paperwork makes everything a bit of a pain in the arse, for example - getting your visas. Ours took about 6 months of on and off work at least to finalise and then another 3-6 months once we arrived to get me (the non-EU party) a working permit. You need a working permit, I believe even if you're running your own business. Worldwide wealth and assets need to be provided for taxation purposes including overseas assets/businesses.

* Similarly, finding a place to live - since both of you own your own businesses, I don't know if you're going to keep them when moving to CH? Renting is very, very competitive here and they generally give preference to people with employment contracts from local/Swiss businesses.

* The sun - try to catch Swiss summer, so you're not totally depressed for 3 months until the sun reappears :P

* If one of you is going to be looking for a job, make sure you save up at least 6 months of (Swiss) living expenses to cover the time until that happens

* Consider exchanging money if the AUD goes up in the near future, as it's a pretty painful conversion at the moment (AUD/CHF)

What time frame are you looking at? Do you think you'll be looking for work? HTH
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