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Re: B-EU-Student wants 2 marry non-eu

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Though reading a lot I didnt find an answer here....hope somebody can help me:

I am in switzerland since more than one year, (B-permit and still studying). I want to marry my fiance from the Philippines (who is graduating right now) here in Switzerland.
I'm sure he will find work soon (he knows German)
If he comes on the strength, such that it is, of your residence as a student, he will not have the right to work.

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, but WHAT WILL THEY ASK FROM ME when I apply for marriage-visa? Will they ask for money on a swiss bank account? Insurances? "square meters" to live? since I dont have work here, it would be impossible for me!!
This is likely.

You would be better off waiting until he finds work and obtain his residence permit through that route, although as a recent graduate with no experience he will find it difficult to obtain a job.
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