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Re: blu ray player for region A1

If you are not sure that you want the A/1 region encoding,
I'm just not sure if I NEED one. Yet. It says A/1 on Amazon. Maybe that's not correct. But if the DVD really is A/1 only I will only know if I have it here to try on my player.

Or the US version has a lot more bonus features
That's exactly the reason. It's "Justified" I'm interested in. I've already got the normal DVD version of seasons 1-4. Season 1-3 is with Extras. But Season 4 is without any Special Features. They come only with blu ray.

Amazon often doesn't mention whether or not there are any Special Features. But there are blu ray reviews that say so for Season 4 and 5. And same is to be expected for Season 6.

as there are so many streaming options available.
To get hold of the episodes is not a problem nowadays. But the Special Features are usually not available from such sources.

It also means that while you can make a bluray player play muotiregion DVDs, it is still not multiregion for playing Bluray.
You're telling me!

To be frank... I've already ordered Season 4 and 5 a few days ago. I'll know whether they play on my player as soon as they arrive. Frankly again: I forgot about the extra difficulty with blu ray region codes when I made the purchase. It was late at night...
So far, I bought only 1 blu ray DVD that doesn't play on my player. "Jack Irish - Dead Point" - the US version was much cheaper than the Australian one. Luckily that one came with a second non-blu-ray DVD with the same content.

But sooner or later I had to try to solve that A/1-problem anyway because I don't want to wait until European versions become available IF they become available at all. And I often don't mind buying the DVDs - I LOVE to watch Special Features.
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