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Re: Swiss Marriage Visa : for Indian and Swiss citizen

.... contd PART 2


After few weeks from the date of application, your spouse will receive the letter as Vorverfahren und Beurkundung der Hochzeit/Partnerschaft (prelieminary procedures and registration of Marriage/Partnership) from Civil affairs office/Zivilstandamt:
  • If you or your spouse wish to change the surnames, for all the future documents and all resigration process in Switzerland.
  • Also, they confirm receiving of your documents from India.
    He/she will be asked to come to Zivilstandamt with marital status certificate or Personenstandausweis in original.

    Your swiss spouse will be asked to visit Migration office/Fremdenkontrolle. He will request personally for marriage visa.

    I would suggest your spouse visit the Migration office/ Fremdenkontrolle/ Fremdenpolzei in Switzerland as soon as possible.
    This fremdenkontrolle process includes:
  • Your spouse will receive a series of questions like (which my spouse received):
  • How, when and under what condition did you meet to your spouse?
  • How you both have been in contact?
  • Does he have any relatives in swiss?
  • How you think Mr/Miss X can integrate in Swiss society?
  • Has he/she received any prior language knowledge?
  • How you finance your Living? (for your swiss spouse)
  • When would you like Mr/Miss X travelling to swiss? Please give us the range of travel dates.
  • Give us your latest Telephone number, in case we want to contact you.

    These two queries (from zivilstand and fremdenkontrolle) should be replied as soon as possible. This would just help to speed up things after the formalities are fulfilled from your spouse part within 1-2 weeks.
  • For my application this was needed and I donít think it would be any different.
    1. Passport copy
    2. Copy of rental contract from his/ her landlord

    Now once your spouse submits all these documents and queries, he/she should hear from the Migration office within 2-7 days but in my case, it was on the second last day of 3 months time period of marriage visa i.e. 2nd Feb 2015. They confirm an email and letters about my visa acceptance and completion of marriage visa process.


    Once your spouse has received the confirmation letter, you have to mail at confirm that the Swiss Embassy, Delhi has received your positive application. (They are quick and you will hear through an email. Yes! We have received your application and you will have to come and collect the passport with visa.

    You will be called to collect your passport. You can choose to come and personally collect within one month or take the courier service.

    Carry Passport, the letter sent by Immigration office to your spouse and the confirmation letter from visa section of Swiss Embassy, Delhi.
    Your passport will be ready for collection next day. You should now hold a valid visa.

    You should travel to Zurich/Geneva within 1 month of stamping of visa.

    The marriage visa is valid for 3 months (after arriving in Switzerland) and is extended if the procedure is not completed by kanton government till all formalities are fulfilled.


    Once you have safely landed in Switzerland. You must register with the local Zivilstand office no later than 15 days from landing and they take all your passports (including old passports) and give the confirmation letter for passport deposit.

    At the same time, they ask to inform them telephonically about a mutual date for marriage registration at Zivilstandamt, Bern.

    After enjoying 1.5 months Ö we confirmed the the date to civil affairs office. For us, it was on 1st April 2015.

    It was one hour procedure at Zivilstandamt/civil affairs office and we got marriage certificate and my passport after some paper formalities (to be continued in new thread).

    Now, I will apply for Auslaenderausweis/Resident cum work Permit after Easter.


    For zivilstandamt:
    Zivilstands- und Buergerrechtsdienst des Kantons Bern
    Amt fuer Migration und Personenstand
    Laupenstrasse 18a
    3008 Bern
    Telfon: +41 31 63542 00+41 31 63542 00

    For Fremdenkontrolle/Migration office:
    Einwohnerdienste, Migration und Fremdenpolizei (EMF)
    Predigerstrasse 5
    Postfach 3000 Bern 7
    Telfon: +41 31 321 53 00+41 31 321 53 00
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