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Re: Paleo - Anyone here doing it?

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I did it 95% for a while and it really worked for me BUT - you need to be prepared to put in a lot of time for your meal prep, learn to plan and massively increase your food budget. Right now it's not possible for me to do it because I spend around 50 hours per week either at work or in class plus studying for said classes. This may be easy for some of the more driven, healthy people out there but what with my various health conditions, it's a very tough gig.

HOWEVER, I'm going to have to make time or something because I am constantly sick, growing fatter by the day and my skin is shocking. Currently on high dosage of prednisone because I got terrible bronchitis and cannot shake it. I think I made a long post somewhere about all the positive effects paleo (or whatever you want to call eating that way, I have to agree that there is a lot of silliness going on) had for me. If you search my posts, it should be more informative than this brief one.
You may want to check out Soylent (yes I know, that name)...

Basically the guy who started this is an IT engineer with no time or skill for cooking, but wanted to have something that was quick to prepare, nutritious and as unprocessed as possible. Still haven't tried it since my wife is a pro cook and we do have the luxury of time for grocery shopping and cooking - but the stuff has a nerdy / intelligent appeal that I just can't unforget (sic) it.

Keep well

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