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Re: Paleo - Anyone here doing it?

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Cum grano salis was the adage at the time of the crucifixion...
Ditching one thing doesn't mean you have to necessarily jump on some kind of loony bandwagon (if you've read any of those paleo-this-and-that stories you know what i mean).

My personal experience goes like this - rev your metabolism up by increasing the amount of physical exercise, eat unprocessed food and plenty of veggies, and turn around the ratio of carbs to protein; fat isn't bad di per se so avoid all those "light" prepared foods.
For any sugar addiction - start by ditching soft drinks, then candy bars, then by getting a taste for good black coffee (the consumption of which is usually beneficial to your exercise routine)

If all this is paleo, then I'm a reborn caveman (not)


I would not say Paleo is a loony bandwagon. it's actually an amazing diet which doesnt have to be done to loose weight, i didnt do it to loose weight.... just happened..... but i had dreadful eczema and a few other random things which actually cleared up as a result of changing my diet.

I came off the paleo diet a few months ago and low and behold, eczma is back as are the other issues..... looks like i need to stop eating shite again...

i had so much energy and felt so alert when following paleo... i wasnt a 100% follower, i had cheat days.... friday mornings i allowed myself coffee and cake with friends and i had a date night with my hubby now and again and out of habit.... ended up finding ways to order my food as paleo as possible.

Against all Grain is by far the best book you can get for recipes.... they are scrumptious.... and goal Paleo mom... spinach brownies.. they are amazing!!! My kids wolf them down and i darent ever admit they are made from spinach and plantain! mwmhahahaha
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