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Re: Paleo - Anyone here doing it?

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I would not say Paleo is a loony bandwagon. it's actually an amazing diet which doesnt have to be done to loose weight, i didnt do it to loose weight.... just happened..... but i had dreadful eczema and a few other random things which actually cleared up as a result of changing my diet.

I should clarify that what turned me off is the association between Paleo and some of the more radical fruitcakes out there. The gist is that some folks (men and women) are starting in earnest to prepare for some kind middle-ages V2.0 so they need to be "prepared"... learn how to kill and skin your rabbit, build up brute force (hence the focus on crossfit, PX90, Krav Maga, "Inmate Workout", etc), keep your eyes open for The Enemy Within at all times, learn the Way Of The Warrior, you get the drift.

You have everything to gain from "going unprocessed" and ditching the industrial junk... return to some common sense and listen to what your body is saying - you've seen the proof.

As an anecdote - I once had my hair cut in this old barbershop in northern Italy. The barber was in his 80s but still totally rocking. His "secret"?
During WWII they had a very simple (poor?) diet: polenta, vegetables, an egg or two a week, some cheese (they were the lucky ones), poultry once a week, and of course walked a lot. Even after the war had ended he kept up that dietary regime and got to live a very fulfilling and healthy life.

So you see, the Paleos are not inventing anything, they're just playing around with labels and marketing - basically just repackaging good common sense so we can buy into something new...
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