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Re: Credit Suisse, UK, France & Africa: a modern tale

There's much that is mysterious and in the dark about the newly appointed CS head, Tidjane Thiam. According to, he is a member of a French secret society, Le Siècle, whose members are from the elite in France and ensure that their members are placed into high positions in government and industry. The blog says:

"Thiam's membership in the French secret society with powerful politicians, industry, finance and media sheds new light on the figure of the future CS boss.
While Brady Dougan worked his way up from the son of a railway worker in Illinois through hard work at CS First Boston to become the head of CS, Thiam came with a golden spoon into the world.
He enjoyed education at elite French universities and was at age 36 a government minister in his native Côte d'Ivoire.
After a coup he then went on to a brilliant career in England. Within seven years Thiam managed to reach the CEO-chair of the Prudential, a well-known insurance company.
Neither a £30 million fine to the financial regulators nor his origin from the highest political circles of an African country stopped Thiam's high altitude flight.
On the contrary: The announcement as the new CEO of CS made headlines worldwide. Thiam was celebrated as a symbol of a new era in which neither color nor religion play a role in the occupation of the highest points in the power business.
Much of Thiam's success through his own position in society is indicated by his membership in the Club Le Siècle rather than a long march through the hierarchies of multinationals.
According to author Ratier the powerful members of the society ensure that their people are placed in decisive power positions."

Meanwhile, Blick is questioning why CS hasn't communicated when Tidjane Thiam will start in his new position:

The guy hasn't even arrived and the long-knives have already been drawn.
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