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Re: Giving up..

Cascabel, I am a bit late to the game, but at this point, if you are not prepared to give in on any of your search criteria (which are quite restrictive in the very limited market you're looking at), unless you're really strapped for cash, I would strongly recommend that you follow the advice of Mrs. Doolittle and hire an agent to help you out.

I know some people will say that agents are useless, won't do more than what you can do yourself, etc. I personally found that an agent was essential when I was looking for a place in Zurich. My situation was different than yours, but I also had a list of "limitations": spoke no German, wanted to stay in Zurich only a year (then ended up staying longer, but that's another story), wanted to be walking distance from my office, and most of all, I had NO TIME to do the homework associated with the house search. I moved to Switzerland into a temporary apartment, and a week later I was already traveling around for work.

My agent was priceless: she was handling all the paperwork, "weeding out" things that looked cool on paper but maybe were not what I was looking for, or things I would have no chance of getting so why bother. She advised me when my expectations were not consistent with the reality of the market (i.e. you want an extra room, you need to increase your budget by X, etc.) and most of all, she was someone with 20+ years of experience in the Zurich market, born and raised in Zurich, lived there all her life, who knew a lot of the apartment agencies on a personal basis, and even a couple of the private landlords of places we saw. We applied for the apartment I liked, and got it.

Maybe I am biased by my stellar experience with the agent and maybe I was extremely lucky or both, but I think that the agent knowing her market from inside out and having personal contacts made all the difference in the world.

Good luck!
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