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Re: Expat vs. Immigrant

Expat and Immigrant are practically and basically synonyms , if it were not because they mean diferent things , expat comes from expatriate (ex=out+patria=country; expatria=out of country), meanwhile migration is the act of moving from a country to another one, be it im-(inward) or e-(outward).
But all expats are immigrants and all immigrants are expats.

It would be more correct to call an exile, a refugee or a person banished and stripped from his/her citizenship ; it would be more precise to call them expats rather than immigrants(which are usually willing to move).

Beyond those cases they would be practically used exactly the same way, or atleast when used as an adjective it would apply to the same persons, but one remains being the act of not being in his own country, and the other being the act of actually moving.
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