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Re: domestic abuse and divorce

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If you're being abused, keep a record and take pictures. Get yourself a good lawyer and you can user article 115 to divorce without waiting the 2 years.
Article 115 CC can only be used as basis for a divorce if maintaining the legal relationship between partners is deemed unreasonable for OP by the judge.

If only living together is the problem, OP can apply for separation (Eheschutz) and move out. Then, after 2 years of living in separation, OP can file for divorce (Art. 114). Filing for divorce without waiting for 2 years is only possible if either the parties file jointly or if (as I outlined above) maintaining the legal relationship is deemed unreasonable.

More detailed info on achieving separation here
It isn't necessary for you to have a lawyer for a separation procedure, but in your case, OP, I would recommend it. You can find lawyers in your region by searching for "Anwaltsregister" + [your district/city]
Also, for any injuries you suffer, go to the doctor and get them documented. Give all documentation to your lawyer.
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