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Re: How to PRIVATELY import a car EU to CH

OK, so you want advice on how to break the law? Just jot down that special plate number of yours and we'll get back to you with some handy tips.

Generally speaking, though, it's best to act like you don't owe anybody anything. Don't buy the vignette if you plan to drive on the highways; also, don't bother insuring your car. Don't put coins in the parking meter. And while you're at it, don't pay for goods from Migros or Coop, either.
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Just wondering

Is it better to go through the border at night or weekend (avoid getting check so they dont know the car is in here) or get a vignette and act like a tourist if I am not planning to register? (Got a meaningful plate and would like to keep it. Another thing is to let people know that I'm on the other side so they understand why I am taking longer time in a certain situation.)

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