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Marriage/Partnership Registration @ Bern Zivilstandamt

LEVEL 2: PROCEDURE OF MARRIAGE/ PARTNERSHIP @Zivilstand, Bern [between Swiss and non EU (Indian)]

After getting Marriage visa, as explained in:

BEFORE REGISTRATION @Zivilstand/civil affairs

Step 1:
After being in Swiss on Marriage Visa, You have to get an appointment with Zivilstand for registration of your marriage/partnership. We had taken and changed the date twice before we finalized and had for 2nd April 2015. The zivilstandamterin were helpful in doing so.

Step 2:
Requirements at zivilstand/civil affairs:
1. Translator: Since I had no experience with Berndeutsch or Bern german. So, we had decided to have a Translator who is not friend/relative of any of the bride or bridegroom, if so, your registration will be postponed until you have a neutral translator. For this we contacted comprendi via online (details mentioned below):

Caritas Bern
Eigerplatz 5
3000 Bern 14
Telefon: 031 378 60 20
(for online order Deutsch to English translator)

They charge very nominal price (we had given CHF 45 per hr). Usually, whole procedure lasts for 1 hr to 1 hr 15 mins.
My translator name was Mrs Katherine H Peters. She was very humble and polite lady.

2. Sometimes, we get in the letter or asked to arrange and bring two witnesses with us to zivilstand. They can be our friends/family members.
But when we confirmed over phone, they were not needed.

ON THE DAY Marriage/Partnership Registration:

Alongwith the greetings, we met the concerned officer for whole procedure. She took to a room. (First the officer of zivilstand spoke/explained then translator translated everything at every step of whole procedure.

Step 1 (for non EU):
Returning of my passport (which I submitted upon my arrival in Bern), with a confirmatory signature of the same.

Step 2 (for non EU):
She cross verify your documents like “Birth certificate stating place and DOB” submitted at embassy. She asked to check my particulars (as mentioned in my birth certificate) and sign if everything was ok. She alters, if any modification was needed after confirming with the Swiss embassy in your country. It means further postponement of your registration.

Step 3 (for Swiss citizen):
She checks national ID card and confirms the particulars and swiss partner confirms it with his/her signature.

Step 4: (for both)
She gives a form, which has general particulars/biodata of his and his partner details along with signature. It is same form given at embassy, when you were applying for marriage visa. It includes your first name and surname (if want to modify), home address, DOB, Religion. Same has to be filled for your partner and each one has to fill in his/her own handwrting.

Step 5 (for non EU):
She checks your documents like “Affidavit from court stating single as marital status” submitted at embassy
She gives you’re a declaration of marriage form with few laws in it, which your translator will explain you sentence by sentence. It is same declaration given at embassy, when you were applying for marriage visa.
She also explains you also the few basic laws like about FACILITATED CITIZENSHIP, CHILD ADOPTION etc, if you will in future.

After signing this, your marriage/partnership is registered in Switzerland. They congratulate you and procedure finishes after that.

PS: All your forms and declaration forms will be in Swiss languages i.e. German/French/Italian. For me, it was all in German.

Next is LEVEL 3: Getting RESIDENT PERMIT/PERMIT B /AUFENTHALTSBEWILLIGUNG from Fremdenkontrolle/Migration Police.... to be continued.
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