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Re: Swiss German & Swiss French Sign Language


I've been pointed by others I asked (outside this forum) to Web sites that more or less answer the question. There are 10,000 deaf signers in all of Switzerland, 5,500 using Swiss-German, 1,700 Swiss-French, 300 Swiss-Italian and the others can be presumed to be using ASL.
But: Wikipedia says "In 2011 it was estimated that 7,500 deaf and 13,000 hearing people use DSGS."

There are also hearing-capable signers, some of whom will be trained as interpreters. Wikipedia suggests they number 13,000 in all of Switzerland.

A general study for the Council of Europe is here and is widely quoted and distributed on the Internet:

Wikipedia's English-language page on German Sign Language says: "It (GSL) is not related to Austrian Sign Language, which is used in parts of southern Germany, nor to Swiss Sign Language, both of which are part of the French Sign Language family, though they have had some influence from German Sign Language."

Thanks to anyone who gave thought to my question. For the rest I shall have to get in touch with professionals in the field. I find it interesting that Swiss-German SL is distinct from the signing used in Germany, and that even in Germany there are distinct variants.
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