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The Phil&Teds VIBE stroller size

Need a favor from you folks please !!

Does your Phil&Teds VIBE Double stroller,
fit in a Schindler 100cmX85cm elevator, WITH the double kit?

Am ready to buy a new one, but only if it fits in my building elevator.
This elevator and size is pretty common in Switzerland.Hence am asking here.

I know the Phil&Teds CLASSIC stroller DOES fit in this elevator size, diagonally. Heard this from someone who owned this previously.
The CLASSIC is one of the smallest amongst the models.
VIBE , the one I'd like to buy, is the biggest model.

Both the above mentioned strollers are 3-wheeled strollers and is hence difficult to measure diagonally in the elevator.

I am interested in a 3-wheeled stroller so I may use it for jogging. Am aware these are not great for jogging, but I'm not great at jogging too.

Why VIBE? Coz the VIBE is the only one that folds along with the second seat.

Lastly, does it fit WITHOUT the (easily removable) 2nd seat?

Any other advice welcome !!
Thanks a tonne !!
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