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Re: Questions about everything

Oh dear, where to start. Welcome I guess is the best place so welcome to the forum and soon to Switzerland. Ex-Okie here so know your part of the States somewhat as we often vacationed in Texas.

There are a lot of sticky threads here on the forum which will have info/recommendations for things like doctors, dentists, etc, who speak English. I also suggest you get hold of a copy of "Living and Working in Switzerland" by David Hampshire. It's full of useful info for both before and after you move here. You can order it from your local bookshop or via the Internet.

To take your questions one by one:
Hairdressers same as anywhere else and yes there are nail shops and places where you can get lashes done.
Yes, things are smaller here so don't expect a big place to rent. Fridges will usually be a fridge with only a small two shelf freezer section, although you can find places that have a bigger freezer section in the bottom half with a smaller fridge part on the top half. Unless you get a fairly new place the main "shock" will be the communal laundry facilities that most apartment blocks have here. You'll be allocated a day and time slot to do your washing and unless the machine happens to be free at another time, that'll be it until your slot comes around the following week. Furnished places are possible. Have a look at these websites to see what's available in the Baar area so you get an idea of size and price.

Here rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, aren't counted in the total in adverts so you need to look for 2 rooms (living and bedroom), 2.5 (living/dining room combined and bedroom) or possibly 3 which could be either living, separate dining room and bedroom or living room and 2 bedrooms - check the actual description to make sure. 3.5 will be a living/dining combined and 2 bedrooms.

You'll find friendly people and not friendly people, same as anywhere else.
Check for English speaking groups in/near where you settle down as they usually have lots of events throughout the year and also check down in the Events part of the forum to see what's going on.
Plenty of churches of all denominations, but whether there'll be one with services in English near you is another question.
Trains are not loud as they're all electric powered so much quieter than the American ones.
Yes, there's Internet.
Weather, not as hot as Texas though can get up into the mid-30s Celsius (mid-90s Farhenheit) in the summer. No air conditioning though so it will feel just as hot if not hotter. Nowhere near as cold either.

I'm sure you'll have other questions before you get here so have a search around the forum as someone's probably asked it already or simply ask.

Try and start learning German before you come, even a few words will help and of course most of the documents you see will be in German - rental contract, car lease, health insurance, etc.

Another thing to note is that Americans are required to continue filing US tax returns no matter where they live in the world and may owe US tax on top of local taxes. You'll also need to file a FBAR form for the "foreign", i.e. outside of US, bank accounts you have if the aggregate total comes to more than $10,000 at any time of the year.

Also note that you'll need to sign a W-9 form to allow your Swiss bank to send the account info on to the IRS.

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