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C-permit arrived automatically, but what does it mean?

Specifically, I made the decision last year to move back to the UK this year, things are in motion, and I move in August. I know I'm going back to a lower standard of living (in some senses, not all), I just feel the pull from my roots! But it seems to make sense not to burn my bridges, so the question is, what happens when I leave? My C-permit arrived automatically yesterday from Basel-Stadt canton, I will have been here 5 years in July fully employed. I've heard different versions and looked at many websites, but can't seem to find an answer.

One person has said I can be out of Switzerland for 6 months less one day and return with no impact. Others have said it's up to two years. Someone else said not to tell the authorities I'm leaving, but I don't really know how that would work (plus am a crap liar). Does anyone know the definitive answer?
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