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Car accident

Sorry for the mammoth post, I was just looking for some straight talking to please.

I was coming off a motorway slip road on the A1. There was a big queue on the slip road and a queue of traffic at the top, so the cars were letting people in off the slip road one by one. When I came to the top I waited to be let in, sure enough a lady waved me into join the road, I glanced at the cycle lane that runs along side the road I was joining, no cyclists, waved thanks back to the lady and went to edge forward. It's a habit, I do it regularly, I'm beginning to doubt I looked enough

Then a motorbike clipped my front wheel. He'd been in the queue of the road I was trying to join and weaved out into the cycle lane & went straight into me as I'd started to turn.

At that moment a million and one Swiss people ran to help, they were amazing, esp as my french went to pot. They called the authorities, took my baby from the car to look after, comforted me, made sure the biker stayed on the floor, I can't begin really to explain how great they were.

The police came, they were so kind, one hugged me and explained everything. They drove my car home for me afterwards! The ambulance men checked the motorcyclist out, he had hurt his leg, they said it was a graze through his jeans and was absolutely fine. He had to go to hospital for a 'controle'.

Now I know I have to take half the responsibility as my front wheel was over the white line when he hit me. Fair enough. They said at best il get a letter, at worst a fine and a month ban. They said he was in the wrong on multiple points, no lights, dangerous manoeuvre, driving in cycle lane, speed etc.

But I'm not good. If he'd have been 2 secs later he would have ploughed into my son. When I went to help him he threatened to kill me & he'd remember what I looked like, I know shock but I'm scared. The docs have given me some medicine for the next couple of days but I'm a mess & I can't keep going over it in real life. How did I not see him? Its frightening me. Can anyone help? I'm scared of what's going to happen next & I'm too scared to drive the car
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