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Re: Car accident

Thanks for the messages. Yes, to clarify the motorbike used the cycle lane to try and undercut the cars in the queue of traffic I was trying to join.

This is where I've lost the plot, as I do check for cyclists in that bike lane, there's also a zebra crossing just before you get to the top of the slipway and I check for people trying to cross that as it's often difficult for them. I go this way so often I recognise some of the pedestrians at that time and can tell if I'm early or later than usual! So then passing the zebra crossing to get to the junction I've already done one peripheral look around.

I then wait to see who will let me in as it's often so busy, when I got the wave I do another quick look and wave and move forward. But I've not got far to go, I'm moving into a gap that someone has given way for me in very slow moving traffic.

But clearly I've gone wrong somewhere as I just did not see that motorcyclist in that lane at all. He might have been in the traffic queue but if I'm honest that would just register as normal to me as stuck in traffic. It's a single lane over the motorway bridge going incredibly slowly so nobody has any real room for manoeuvre. As been said, I thought undertaking was illegal so if he was stopped there I wouldn't have expected him to try and drive though. Of course il be more aware next time.

My absolute horrible fear is that I could have looked and not seen therefore I could have run over a legitimate cyclist. That's one of things that's been stopping me getting back in the car. At the risk of being melodramatic you've got to be able to trust you own eyes haven't you?

Thanks for letting me get all this out! Despite the reassurances by the police that although he had done something very wrong, when it come to the law the second I crossed over I automatically will share the fault. How much that will cost me I don't know. I'm going to struggle with waiting 6 months! I've only got 3 days of drugs to calm down!
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