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High quality complete wet cat food in Switzerland?

I will be getting two ragdolls kittens in a few weeks' time. I have been doing LOTS of reading on cat food and have opted to not feed dry food, except a little at the beginning because it seems that they are currently being fed some.

I'd like to find a complete natural wet cat food that has no grains or other unsavoury things in it. I was shocked to see many expensive brands like Royal Canin have "animal products" rather than pure meat as well as grain, yeast (!) and other things which are not great. But they are not alone. Almost all expensive brands in pet stores are like this - fillers, flavour enhancers, poor cuts of meat (probably), etc. If these are in expensive food, what actually goes into cheap cat food?!

High quality cat food that actually has chunks of chicken in it (like organic Applaws) seems to be "complementary" and not complete, meaning they do not offer all the necessary nutrients. This is a shame.

I found this article which was written in the US. Lots of great recommendations here, but NONE of the brands seem to be available in Switzerland (or they are, but I cannot find them).

Any suggestions? At some point once I get used to being a cat owner, I will probably cook their food from scratch. But at the moment, I'd like to find a good alternative for the adjustment period and when I am away and cooking will be impossible.

Thanks so much.
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