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Adult acne

I'm seeking advice concerning adult acne. Has anyone here been able to get rid of it? What did you do/which medication did you take?
After about a year of peace, my acne is starting to show up again I will make an appointment with my dermatologist, but for the meantime...

This is my history: Before 20, I had really clear skin. Then I suddenly started breaking out. I had hundreds of tiny red/white-ish bumps on my t-zone. It looked like a rash. My forehead was really shiny, but at the same time it was so dry that I couldn't cover it up with make-up, because it would go into all the creases and look awful. On my cheeks I would occasionally get large hard pimples, which would stay there for weeks.

I had my hormones and blood checked and everything was fine, so the doctors didn't know what the cause was. I decided to wait a year to see if it would clear up on it's own.
It did not, and so I went to the dermatologist again. He suggested the pill, but I didn't want to, so for two years I tried all kinds of topical remedies (natural and medical).
Nothing helped and so I gave in to the pill. I took Diane-35 and my skin finally cleared up. Since this medication isn't meant to be taken forever, I stopped after a year.
My skin stayed clear for another year, and then the acne came back. The doctor said it was normal for the skin to 'worsen' a bit after stopping the pill, but it should improve after a few months. So I waited another year.
But again, it would not get better. So I went back on the pill. I've been taking it for ten months now and suddenly my forehead is starting to flare up again even though I never stopped taking it!

I don't know what to do anymore I'm 26 and people think I'm 17, because I look very young in general and with the acne people think I'm a teen going through puberty

I'm currently taking Diane-35 and Skinoren cream, but it's been getting worse since last week.
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