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I don't know what to do anymore I'm 26 and people think I'm 17, because I look very young in general and with the acne people think I'm a teen going through puberty
Whatever you do, don't pick or scratch them, as that could cause much longer term scarring. The age stigma is the last of your worries, so don't worry about that. Maybe you should consult with a dermatologist is something like accutane is right for you. It is oral medication, and can change your body chemistry a bit. The doctor will need to make sure your cholesterol level is appropriate for the treatment.

I don't know how bad it is, but I assume red acne spots are inflamations, and perhaps some anti-inflammation medicine might work. I found eye-drops made for removing redness helps with spots of pimples. Also, perhaps consider an anti-inflammation diet. I notice a ketogenic diet cleared up my complexion.

Lastly, try not to touch your face with your fingers.
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