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Re: My review of Fibre in Zurich (FTTH/Init7/EWZ)

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It must depend on the current setup in your house. Do you mean you only have 3 sockets overall in your house or 3 sockets in various rooms throughout the house?

For newly built settlements or ones undergoing renovation, Swisscom seem to offer the ultimate solution with their Fiberspot package. They stick a fibre node in the basement, (re)cable the building, put new 'multimedia' sockets in the rooms and introduce an Ethernet network within the apartment.
I was wondering if anyone has any experience of EWZ doing anything like this or at least something more complex than a single master socket (OTO) in the house?
In short no, but I did take a free Swisscom offer.
Swisscom offered to installed a new fibre TTH master distribution connection to my small block in Adliswil free of charge when they were modernising their infrastructure in Adliswil 2 years ago. This required them to dig up the garden and fit a master box in the keller. When a new tenant decides to take cable for the first time, they pull fibre through the old phone wiring channels, again free of charge. There is no standing charge for the one socket on the wall in each apartment. 4 months ago I switched to Swisscom and the first connection in the house was installed. Just one socket, but while modernising the house I have installed flexible plastic conduit and have several wired data paths.

Being cost concious I take the cheapest option, 5/5 for 54chf per month including a TV package I don't use. I get 4ms latency reported by When I was using their 65chf per month option (one month free trial offer), I was getting reliable 1ms ping times. Very impressive as latency was what I cared about most.

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