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Re: In need of laptop recommendations

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I do not recommend Acer, the keyboards and batteries on the budget models are generally beyond awful.

ASUS and Lenovo are much better in those departments.
Many thanks Richdog.

Excuse my ignorance but would you consider this ACER a budget model? (Reduced from CHF 899 - CHF 499)

I certainly don't want a crappy keyboard or battery.

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PC/laptop preferences depend on needs.

I find Macs hopelessly overpriced and do not suit my computing. A halfway decent Windows PC is generally less expensive and more appropriate for my personal needs. That said, if your primary need is internet surfing, email and some light word processing, don't overlook a Chromebook. Very fast, cheap, virus-proof, and since it is cloud-based, bullet-proof. If you drop it or it is stolen, no worries: just buy a new one. All your data is still there. A great second machine, great for travel.
Thanks a lot Brass. I've never used a chrome book so I've got to look into this. Any models you can recommend? I don't know much about cloud computing so it makes me a bit nervous.

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It's worth knowing if this laptop needs to travel or not. 15" budget 500CHF laptops tend to be heavy, not have an SSD and often lowres (yes, 1920x1080 is lowres now, and 1366x768 is so 2005). Also ask yourself, is the numeric keypad needed or not? It isn't for everyone.

13-14" models may be marginally more expensive but are usually below 2 if not 1.5 kgs these days, worth remembering for flying if you don't have or want a tablet. And whatever you do, don't buy budget HP or Acer, they're as bad as it gets.

P.S. and no Atom, Celeron or Pentium procs, you'll be swearing at that machine every day, which isn't fun if it has to last 5+ years.
Thanks very much Noth.
- It will hardly ever travel
- Numeric keypad is definitely not needed.
- I'm very happy with my 14" Dell, so a 13"-14" would suit me just fine. I certainly don't want anything larger than 15.6".
- SSD vs HDD. I don't believe I've ever had an SSD. My laptops have always made noise! Is it worth the extra expense? I would prefer faster performance and don't need large storage (will use an external).
- If 1920x1080 is low res, what is decent now?
- If no Intel Pentium processors, then what would you recommend?

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i have an acer laptop and surprised by how good it is. for a very cheap machine, the battery is decent (6-7 hours), and keyboard is usable but not great (later model i have is much better). i actually prefer the keyboard layout to the asus layout. and as a bonus it is not too heavy at 1.4kg.
Cheers Phil. 6-7 hours battery is better than what I've got now. What model of ACER (later model) is that?

I'm really sorry about all these questions but I truly am rubbish at this.
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