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Re: Need advice on lying landlord/unforeseen construction

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Rent reduction from what I understand is normal procedure.

Thanks for you mean requesting a reduction due to construction?

You may be able to create fuss to delay the construction, or to move out earlier. However, what difference does it make if they did the construction in 6 or 12 months? Did you intend it only to be a short-term lease.

At this point, we have had several conversations with the owner who feigns that he wants to make us a comfortable as possible and work with us, but in fact, when we requested they put off construction, he came back to us yesterday and told us the bad news, seemingly out of his control as he has made a deal with a "promoteur"/developer that he apparently does not have much control over the least that is what he tells us. We did not intend for it to be a short lease, we signed a 2.5 year lease but when they told us about construction on the villas, we asked for a 9 month break clause just in case it went south. But our intention was never to move.

You could also ask for, in writing, confirmation of the construction rules (hours of noise, access to your property, rent reduction)... And decide whether it will be a massive inconvenience.

We asked for that yesterday and they said they will do so. However we did not ask in writing for rent reduction. I think that is our next step.

We live in a flat and both work and our kids are at school all day, so are not often home during 'work' hours, so construction noise impact would be minimal. However, if you are planning to work from home, have small children or are pregnant or unwell, it could be extremely inconvenient.

I do not yet have a job and plan to start a business from home if possible. We also have a cat whose yard access would be in the construction zone.

However, there will be a huge difference in terms of efficiency and inconvenience if they start in the warmer months (when you can easily get out and about to avoid the noise) or during winter, when it gets dark early and you will probably want to be indoors in your home a lot more.

They are proposing winter because part of the project affects the deck outdoors which they are in fact extending. The thinking is that we will not want to be outdoors in winter using the deck/yard.

We moved into a 'demolition' when we first arrived, and what was originally a 6 month lease turned into over 2.5 years unti they really started working on it...
We already asked them to push it back 2 years and they said not possible. They lied. Thanks again for your input.
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