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Re: What to bring to Zurich? Moving

Welcome! I made the move over a month ago but as a single woman. Key question, is the package in cash or in services? The quotes I had for shipping were pretty high, so this might influence your decision for items that aren't of sentimental value. The trade I made on my items was, could I sell the old and buy the new for a difference that totalled less than shipping?

With the above caveat, here are my thoughts.

- Dinnerware, appliances (few small ones) clothes, toiletries

I would not bother with dinnerware, or toiletries. Marginally more expensive, not worth the cost of shipping or the space. You will always find good deals on offer for toiletries. Appliances are generally cheaper and you won't need to reply permanently on travel adaptors either. Clothes, depends. I find high end much more expensive. Cheap basics (H&M quality T shirts, skirts) are everywhere and around the same price. With a few exceptions: basic staples like ladies stockings and (ahem) underwear? Not going to get my 3 pairs of stockings for 3 Primark deal anywhere. Not even close.

- Any tips on what to take with us or not from any other experience person who moved from UK to Zurich?

If shipping were't a cost, I wish I took my basic level bike (I've not seen cheaper than 250 equiv here), more bed linen (I had Wilko 400 count sheets for 40... I can buy a polycotton sheet for that price here) and the aforementioned clothing staples.

- Would a month be enough to find an apartment where to live?

I found mine in a few days without a relocation agent. Then again, I had no desire to live in the city itself, I speak German, and I was very flexible. I have heard some absolute horror stories from others. If you are a family and looking to live centrally, it may be tougher.
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