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Re: Washing machine question

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I have a V Zug Adora L machine, it's relatively new. The last load of laundry I did I noticed that the door hadn't automatically opened after the cycle had finished like it usually does, I assumed it had just got stuck (it opened when I pressed the door open button).

This morning I closed the door on a load and the digital display message read "H 60".

First I checked the manual online but the H60 message was not listed in the troubleshooting, so I phoned V Zug and they told me they did not know what the message meant. They have advised me to contact the management of the apartment.

I'd like to know if anyone knows what the message means before I do this.
There appears to be nothing wrong with the machine, I have maintained it properly and it is new, so my instinct tells me it's just something and nothing. But I don't want to just go and ignore it in case I am wrong.

Any ideas??

Edit, have not tried to start the cycle just to see if it works, I wanted to know what H60 meant first
Hi, we have a V Zug unimatic S not quite the same, but I had a quick look in our handbook and for ours H 60 is a recommendation to do a Hygiene cycle.
They suggest to do the next wash at at least 60C or take out the to be washed clothes and press the H button, on ours it's on the top left hand corner, it's quite big and drawn as a square with a circle of little circles around the H, hope that description means something.
It only takes 23 minutes to do its thing. It's quite good to do it from time to time as it heats up a small amount of water to 80C and gives it a good steaming inside to get rid of any muck and grime in there. I am sure that unless an alarm goes off you will be perfectly okay to keep using it. Good luck.
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