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Re: Sublease Nightmare [ZH] - subleasee's right and deposit return

Thanks gj - do you know the difference 'furnished' or 'unfrunished' makes?
2 weeks notice period for furnished subleased rooms vs 3 months for unfurnished ones. CO 262 and following, esp. 266, 266c and 266e.

If the landlord ends the contract with the tenant, the contract between the tenant and any type of subtenant (Mitmieter or Untermieter) ends, at the latest, on the same date as the contract between landlord and tenant. Meaning that a subtenant cannot live in a flat longer than a tenant.

Remember that any contract's existence should be verifiable (especially if things go haywire and one ends up in an arbitration procedure or in court) and that leases are valid even without being written down unless a written contract as a condition of validity is agreed upon between tenant and landlord (verbally or in writing). ALWAYS get written contracts to be on the safe side, and copy them once signed and dated.


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