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While the precise figure of CHF 62.50 is correct (being CHF 5 / 8%), your analysis is wrong (and potentially confusing); you imply that (a) you pay VAT before the VAT is even assessed and (b) package value over CHF 57.87 is subject to (another) VAT.

The CHF 62.50 figure is total declared value before VAT.
You're right, my post does have the potential to confuse -- although your post is also misleading. Swiss VAT is levied on the total value of the package, whether VAT has been paid on the country of origin or not. So the CHF 62.50 is not just "before" VAT -- it's before Swiss VAT, obviously, but may or may not include VAT from the country of origin. If it does include VAT in the country from which it was posted, the component relating to the value of the contents may be reclaimable once the package arrives in CH. My calculation was supposed to show this -- although I agree that it wasn't helpful to use a VAT rate of 8% as an example.
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