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Re: Swiss post and lazy postman rant

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They can't complain - sending it by registered mail that is due to be delivered on time is legally enough.
That's why it is advised everywhere to send a notice nine days before the last workday of the month - 1 day for the letter to travel plus a seven day period within which the receiver can pick the letter up at the post office if he wasn't at home during the attempted first delivery 1 day after sending. This way, on the seventh day of that period (day 8 after sending), the letter is considered received and the sender is out of any problems.

If the agency is close by, why didn't you bring the letter over there, yesterday, at the latest, and immediately request a signed and dated confirmation of receipt from the agency? That would be another way to deliver such a letter successfully.

Well, now you know for next time. This sucks, but that's how it is.
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